Saturday, November 21, 2009

What do i need to start my Export/Import busines

You have to put into consideration what kind of business empire you want to build. We have three types of business organisation used in most part of the world namely:

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • Limited Company or Limited Corporation.

I am going to go into detail explanation of each.

Sole Proprietorship: This is the kind of business organisation that is most popular with most import/export agents. A sole proprietorship also known as a sole trader, or simply proprietorship is a type of business entity which is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. All profits and all losses accrue to the owner (subject to taxation). All assets of the business are owned by the proprietor and all debts of the business are their debts and they must pay them from their personal resources. This means that the owner has unlimited liability. It is a "sole" proprietorship in the sense that the owner has no partners (partnership).
A sole proprietor may do business with a trade name other than his or her legal name. This also allows the proprietor to open a business account with banking institutions.

Partnership: A partnership is a type of business entity in which partners (owners) share with each other the profits or losses of the business. Partnerships are often favored over corporations for taxation purposes, as the partnership structure does not generally incur a tax on profits before it is distributed to the partners (i.e. there is no dividend tax levied). However, depending on the partnership structure and the jurisdiction in which it operates, owners of a partnership may be exposed to greater personal liability than they would as shareholders of a corporation.

Limited Company:A limited company in the United Kingdom or Ireland is a corporation with shareholders whose liability is limited by shares (Ltd), which is the most common form of privately held company. Setting up as a limited company is an attractive option for many people as, unlike sole traders, personal assets are completely distinct from company finances.
The private company equivalent in Australia is the Proprietary Limited company (Pty Ltd). An Australian company with just Limited or Ltd at the end of its name is a public company, such as a company listed on the ASX (although public companies can be, and often are, unlisted). Australia doesn't have a direct equivalent to the plc.
private company limited by guarantee This type of Company does not have share capital but is guaranteed by its "members", who agree to pay a fixed amount in the event of the company's liquidation. Frequently charities incorporate using this form of limited liability. Another example is the Financial Services Authority. In Australia only an unlisted public company can be limited by guarantee. private company limited by shares It has shareholders with limited liability and its shares may not be offered to the general public. public limited company (plc) Public limited companies can be publicly traded on a stock exchange — similar to the U.S. Corporation (Corp) and the German Aktiengesellschaft (AG). A shareholder in a limited company, in the event of its becoming insolvent (equivalent to bankruptcy in the US) would be liable to contribute the amount remaining unpaid on the shares (usually zero, as most shares are issued fully paid). 'Paid' here relates to the amount paid to the company for the shares on first issue, and not to be confused with amounts paid by one shareholder to another to transfer ownership of shares between them. A shareholder is thus afforded limited liability.
A limited company can be registered in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Australia. The registration of companies in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) is done through Companies House. Registration of companies in Australia is done through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
The registration of companies in Northern Ireland has been the responsibility of Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment. From 1st October 2009 responsibility transfers to Companies House, under the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR).
Northern Ireland will retain a registry function and presence along similar lines to the Companies House Scotland model. This means that the office will remain in Belfast and we will retain the Registrar for Northern Ireland.
Equivalent constructs to limited companies can be found in most countries, although the detailed rules governing them vary widely. It is also common for a distinction to be made between the publicly tradable companies of "plc" type (like, for example, the German Aktiengesellschaft (AG) and the Mexican, French and Polish S.A.), and the "private" types of company (such as the German GmbH and the Polish Sp. z o.o.).

After taking into consideration which kind of business entity you want to build, then you decide and then choose. I will be writing more on Importation and exportation, thank you for reading my blog.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to make Profit been an Export/Import agent

Who is an Export/Import Agent? He or She is a middle man, someone who serves between the link between the manufacturers and the retailers or consumers that makes things go well. Take into Consideration this situation: Around the world there are manufacturers-it does not matter what products they may produce who sell their goods mainly locally, but also perhaps further afield.

The Manufacturers produce more than they can sell and need to find new markets. They cant employ a new staff or marketers who will help them in finding sales and therefore they will need an intermediary this where a Export/Import agent comes into action.

The main benefits is that the manufacturers dont need to employ a new staff and the manufacturers will only pay a commission or percentage to the Agent.

The Agent benefits of been and agent is that no cost of setting up a factory is involve, and you are risk free. Has an agent you dont have your capital invested in business tied up because it does not involve your capital, you just need to correspond and communicate with your buyers.

The main function of an agent is to be an intermediary between the manufacturer/seller to seal up a deal or contract of sales of goods/product.

I will come up with more post in regarding more information on Export/Import. Keep visiting.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Benefits of enhancing your skin with Shea Butter

Thank you for following my blog, i will give you more detail benefits of shea butter and its benefits.

In African countries that shea butter is found, mothers put shea butter on their babies to prevent or heal irritations. They use it on their face, hands and body especially during summer time and the windy season. Shea Butter is rich in vitamin A, D, E and F.It is also believe to serve has pain reliever.It also used to help relief cough and also restore damaged skin caused by body creams containing hydroquinol.

Shea butter is the perfect solution for dull, devitalized, dry and damaged hair.Shea Butter is ideal for the use of lip balm and provide a glowing and glosy look.It provides the lip the protection against cracks and dehydration.Since it is the most exposed part of the body, the face gets the most benefit from the daily use of shea butter.If you have a very dry, tired or sensitive complexions or wrinkled Shea butter is the perfect natural solution to damaged or wrinkled skin.

In cold climate countries, shea butter helps to keep the side-effects of cold and dryness under control.If you go skying or just have to live through a rough winter, the daily use of shea butter will help you enhance a healthy skin, adequately moisturized, soft and supple.

When you add a little amount of shea butter it is enough to moisturize and nurture as once it has penetrated completely into your skin, it leaves you with a silk-like sensation on the skin that provides a firm and long-lasting protection against dryness and heat.Shea butter is one of the best natural healing, nourishing care for your skin.It also protect your hair from falling off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enhancing Your Skin Beauty with Shea Butter

What is Shea Butter: Shea butter, also known as karite butter, is a cream-colored fatty substance made from the nuts of karite nut trees (also called Mangifolia trees) .

They are grown in the savannah regions of West and Central Africa. Karite trees, or shea trees, are not cultivated. They grow only in the wild, and can take up to 50 years to mature (they live up to 300 years!).

The importance of Shea butter: In most parts of West Africa, destruction of the shea tree is prohibited because this little nut provides a valuable source of food, medicine, and income for the population. In fact, shea butter is sometimes referred to as “women’s gold” in Africa, because so many women are employed in the production of shea butter.

Why is shea butter in such demand? Western countries are just beginning to recognize the considerable health and beauty benefits of shea butter, something Africans have known for thousands of years.

Benefits of Shea Butter: Shea butter has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks. It may also help diminish wrinkles by moisturizing the skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation. Shea butter also contains cinnamic acid, a substance that helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Shea butter is a particularly effective moisturizer because contains so many fatty acids, which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity. The high fatty acid content of shea butter also makes it an excellent additive to soap, shampoos, anti-aging creams, cosmetics, lotions, and massage oils—its soft, butter-like texture melts readily into the skin.
Shea butter protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage. It contains vitamins A and E, and has demonstrated both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Shea butter is already added to many cosmetic products, but you can also purchase 100 percent pure shea butter at most health food stores and from online distributors.
Unrefined/Raw Shea Butter: Unrefined shea butter is superior in that it retains all its natural vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin E. However, the natural smell of shea can be a bit off-putting (stinky), though the aroma does disappear after it has been applied to your skin within minutes. You can also buy ultra-refined and refined shea butter. Both of these types are have a more pleasing scent, color, and consistency, although the refining process may diminish the vitamin potency. Many online distributors sell shea butter in various sizes, containers, prices, and types, but make sure to do your research before buying them—not all shea butter products are created equal, and some products contain a significant amount of potentially irritating additives and very little real shea butter. That said, one hundred percent natural shea butter is a handy thing to have around the house. It can be used as an all-natural hair conditioner, moisturizer, and makeup remover, or as a treatment for burns, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, and diaper rash. Shea butter may also help treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis; however, keep in mind that you should always consult a physician or dermatologist about serious or persistent skin problems. Shea butter is not recommended for people with nut or latex allergies.

I will come up with more information about Shea butter, the benefits, how it can enhance your skin beauty.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Study for free in European Universities

What comes to mind of people is that '' is it true that there are universities that offers free education? My answer is yes. Many third world countries and asian countries have been finding way of having quality education that is either cheap or free. Many even travel far from there home countries and families for quality education. But the question that is in the minds of people and analyst is that how do this Universities generate income to maintain the school and how long will it last. The money used in maintianing the universities is the money from the tax payers.

Which Countries offers free education? Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany and some EU countries.

How do i apply: You have to apply through the Ministry of education of the Country or you apply directly to the University.

Is there any application deadline: Yes there is, you must check for the deadline of each institutions you want to apply to and countries.

What is the qualification needed to apply: Certificate requires depends on your country of origin and country of award of certificate.

After i apply: After you have applied and have been admitted you will be sent a letter of admission.

What do i need to apply for a visa: You must show your bank statement to proof you will be able to sustain yourself during the course of study. The bank statement will be required to show you have certain amount of money for your accomodation and feeding. You will be required to pay student union fees.

Is there free University for undergraduate programmes: Yes there is

Is the language of Instruction in English Language: Yes it is

I want to study for my Masters Degree: Yes you can apply for study in Masters Degree and it is also free.

Do i need to do Toefl: Yes Toefl is required for all Non English speaking countries, except if english has been your language of instruction.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Exportation of Cow Gallstone

In this economic melt down, the financial expert and economist are working day and night to find a lasting solution to this economic meltdown. It has been noted that the unemployement rate in the United States is increasing rather than decreasing. Most graduates are still unemployed and this has poised a lot of fear in the mind of the undergraduates of their fate when they eventually became a graduate. But I will show you a good and genuine way of making money through exporting with a little capital involved. This is a great business, you can do without leaving your current Job, you can place your advert on the net and also contact the addresses of this natural herbs companies. You can go into exportation of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, African Black soap but i will be discussing how you can Export Cow Gallstone.

What is Export(Ex.) : An export is any good or commodity, transported from one country to another country in a legitimate fashion, typically for use in trade.

Cow Gallstone can be found in cattles, but it is not always found in all cattles. It is used in pharmaceutical companies, herbs companies.

It can be sourced from the butchers slab, abattoir, you can get this cowgallstone within the ranges of 600-700 Nigerian Naira. The Cow Gallstone is always sold wet and must be handled with care, but note you must make sure you get the real cow gallstone.

Weight: Cow Gallstone is always measure in Grammes(g)

Drying: It most be dried at room temperature until it is dry and gives you a golden brown colour and not sun drying it.

Packaging: It must be package well inside a box with the surface safe guarded with cotton wool or toilet roll and it must be gently packed inside a small box.

Pricing: It is sold in categories, we have the Broken and Whole stone. The Broken stones is sold at 6.5$-7$ and Whole stones is sold at 7$-8$.

Quality Measures: You must not let any foreign matters or materials like sand, dirt and water into the stone.

Shipping: You can ship via ems, DHL, FEDEX, UPS or via post office.

Payment Method and Procedure: You will be get paid when the cow gallstone has been recieved by the buyer and has passed the laboratory test. The laboratory test usually takes 3-7 working days depending on the buyers. The payment is normally paid via bank transfer or through western union money transfer.

Note: Most buyers will always tell you to supply atleast 100grammes before having any business relationship and after you can supply less or more.

The starting capital for exporting Cow Gallstone ranges from 70,000Nigerian Naira - 80,000Naira, shipping cost included.

If you need assistance in starting the business you can contact me on my email address