Friday, November 20, 2009

How to make Profit been an Export/Import agent

Who is an Export/Import Agent? He or She is a middle man, someone who serves between the link between the manufacturers and the retailers or consumers that makes things go well. Take into Consideration this situation: Around the world there are manufacturers-it does not matter what products they may produce who sell their goods mainly locally, but also perhaps further afield.

The Manufacturers produce more than they can sell and need to find new markets. They cant employ a new staff or marketers who will help them in finding sales and therefore they will need an intermediary this where a Export/Import agent comes into action.

The main benefits is that the manufacturers dont need to employ a new staff and the manufacturers will only pay a commission or percentage to the Agent.

The Agent benefits of been and agent is that no cost of setting up a factory is involve, and you are risk free. Has an agent you dont have your capital invested in business tied up because it does not involve your capital, you just need to correspond and communicate with your buyers.

The main function of an agent is to be an intermediary between the manufacturer/seller to seal up a deal or contract of sales of goods/product.

I will come up with more post in regarding more information on Export/Import. Keep visiting.

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