Monday, November 16, 2009

Exportation of Cow Gallstone

In this economic melt down, the financial expert and economist are working day and night to find a lasting solution to this economic meltdown. It has been noted that the unemployement rate in the United States is increasing rather than decreasing. Most graduates are still unemployed and this has poised a lot of fear in the mind of the undergraduates of their fate when they eventually became a graduate. But I will show you a good and genuine way of making money through exporting with a little capital involved. This is a great business, you can do without leaving your current Job, you can place your advert on the net and also contact the addresses of this natural herbs companies. You can go into exportation of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, African Black soap but i will be discussing how you can Export Cow Gallstone.

What is Export(Ex.) : An export is any good or commodity, transported from one country to another country in a legitimate fashion, typically for use in trade.

Cow Gallstone can be found in cattles, but it is not always found in all cattles. It is used in pharmaceutical companies, herbs companies.

It can be sourced from the butchers slab, abattoir, you can get this cowgallstone within the ranges of 600-700 Nigerian Naira. The Cow Gallstone is always sold wet and must be handled with care, but note you must make sure you get the real cow gallstone.

Weight: Cow Gallstone is always measure in Grammes(g)

Drying: It most be dried at room temperature until it is dry and gives you a golden brown colour and not sun drying it.

Packaging: It must be package well inside a box with the surface safe guarded with cotton wool or toilet roll and it must be gently packed inside a small box.

Pricing: It is sold in categories, we have the Broken and Whole stone. The Broken stones is sold at 6.5$-7$ and Whole stones is sold at 7$-8$.

Quality Measures: You must not let any foreign matters or materials like sand, dirt and water into the stone.

Shipping: You can ship via ems, DHL, FEDEX, UPS or via post office.

Payment Method and Procedure: You will be get paid when the cow gallstone has been recieved by the buyer and has passed the laboratory test. The laboratory test usually takes 3-7 working days depending on the buyers. The payment is normally paid via bank transfer or through western union money transfer.

Note: Most buyers will always tell you to supply atleast 100grammes before having any business relationship and after you can supply less or more.

The starting capital for exporting Cow Gallstone ranges from 70,000Nigerian Naira - 80,000Naira, shipping cost included.

If you need assistance in starting the business you can contact me on my email address


  1. Your email address or your phone number is not displayed. So how can someone contact you because I am interested in cow gallstone.

  2. Please I'd like more info on this. Do you actually do/ know anyone that does it? & I would like a breakdown of the costs, buyers and the actual demand for the product & also the possible things that can go wrong. Would I need any licensing/ registration with any government agency too?

  3. How many days does gallstones take to dry

  4. Eager Buy Inquiry. Pls send me your best offer ASAP, your contact info in detail and pictures. Thank you very much ! . SKYPE: dustyuan / 00886 952 330 285 / Tel.: 00886 8 778 5763

  5. How long does it take to find 1 kg of gallstones? Also, I would like to know the age of the cattle that are likely to have gallstones? Does it grow in sick cattle only? What is the current rate of 1 Kg? Which country are the biggest buyers? Sorry for all these questions and thank you for sharing your insight. Wonderful business concept