Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Study for free in European Universities

What comes to mind of people is that '' is it true that there are universities that offers free education? My answer is yes. Many third world countries and asian countries have been finding way of having quality education that is either cheap or free. Many even travel far from there home countries and families for quality education. But the question that is in the minds of people and analyst is that how do this Universities generate income to maintain the school and how long will it last. The money used in maintianing the universities is the money from the tax payers.

Which Countries offers free education? Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany and some EU countries.

How do i apply: You have to apply through the Ministry of education of the Country or you apply directly to the University.

Is there any application deadline: Yes there is, you must check for the deadline of each institutions you want to apply to and countries.

What is the qualification needed to apply: Certificate requires depends on your country of origin and country of award of certificate.

After i apply: After you have applied and have been admitted you will be sent a letter of admission.

What do i need to apply for a visa: You must show your bank statement to proof you will be able to sustain yourself during the course of study. The bank statement will be required to show you have certain amount of money for your accomodation and feeding. You will be required to pay student union fees.

Is there free University for undergraduate programmes: Yes there is

Is the language of Instruction in English Language: Yes it is

I want to study for my Masters Degree: Yes you can apply for study in Masters Degree and it is also free.

Do i need to do Toefl: Yes Toefl is required for all Non English speaking countries, except if english has been your language of instruction.

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