Thursday, November 19, 2009

Benefits of enhancing your skin with Shea Butter

Thank you for following my blog, i will give you more detail benefits of shea butter and its benefits.

In African countries that shea butter is found, mothers put shea butter on their babies to prevent or heal irritations. They use it on their face, hands and body especially during summer time and the windy season. Shea Butter is rich in vitamin A, D, E and F.It is also believe to serve has pain reliever.It also used to help relief cough and also restore damaged skin caused by body creams containing hydroquinol.

Shea butter is the perfect solution for dull, devitalized, dry and damaged hair.Shea Butter is ideal for the use of lip balm and provide a glowing and glosy look.It provides the lip the protection against cracks and dehydration.Since it is the most exposed part of the body, the face gets the most benefit from the daily use of shea butter.If you have a very dry, tired or sensitive complexions or wrinkled Shea butter is the perfect natural solution to damaged or wrinkled skin.

In cold climate countries, shea butter helps to keep the side-effects of cold and dryness under control.If you go skying or just have to live through a rough winter, the daily use of shea butter will help you enhance a healthy skin, adequately moisturized, soft and supple.

When you add a little amount of shea butter it is enough to moisturize and nurture as once it has penetrated completely into your skin, it leaves you with a silk-like sensation on the skin that provides a firm and long-lasting protection against dryness and heat.Shea butter is one of the best natural healing, nourishing care for your skin.It also protect your hair from falling off.


  1. i think this has given me further gist about the use and benefit of shea butter. Thanks for the detailed information about shea butter.


  2. Can it be used by some one with oily skin?

  3. yes. Use it before you sleep. Wash with african black soap or dudu osun or zee in the morning. Ur skin will be radiant and smooth

  4. does it has any darkening effect on the skin